22 Oct


Digital marketing should be an incredibly important of your marketing strategy. We are living in the digital age, where analogue is no longer relevant.

Digital methods of marketing and communication are quicker, more diverse and practical for your business, not to mention – more affordable. Considering the cost of television, radio or print advertising (billboard, newspapers, magazines etc.), the cost of setting up a social media campaign or sending an email is far lower and is more likely to be viewed by a wider audience. You win both ways.

Digital marketing has also done something incredible for the small players in the business industry, in that it has levelled the playing field. The SME’s are able to play in the big leagues as well, all the while targeting their desired audience.

Digital also offers better, more streamlined interaction with your audience, allowing you to engage, ask and answer questions and queries, as well as improve your customer support system. This means increased customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, driving revenue, increased up sales and cross-sales, and constant new leads.

At Supporza we care about all facets of your business, which is why we’ve added Digital Marketing to our portfolio of specialties. While you focus on your core business competencies, let us take care of the strategy, planning, conversions, ROI and more! Our team of experts provide world-class online marketing services that highlight the features and merits of your organization, products and services.

Part of our digital portfolio offers you our digital marketing experts to provide comprehensive digital marketing planning, as well as manage your successful online marketing campaigns.

We offer a dynamic multi-channel approach combined with high-level performance and service experience, as well as customize our offerings for your business. Our packages include:

Social media marketing (SMM)

Our team specializes in researching and creating user-generated content, as well as analyzing the data for a streamlined approach.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

We are thorough with our approach and incorporate leading and industry-standard practices when it comes to keyword research, back links, back end tools and analysis of metrics.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Our team is capable of increasing your conversion rate with successful and strong calls to action.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Supporza uses the latest technology and algorithms to organically rank you higher, earning you results.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

The likelihood of getting noticed online will increase dramatically with our pay-per-click options.

Email Marketing

This side of our digital marketing is known to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness, ultimately enhancing your relationship and rapport.

Contact Supporza for all your Online Marketing needs.

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