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Complete IT Management Services

Server Setup

We provide a substantial server setup, as well as optimize your infrastructure with a powerful installation that includes security audits, configuration, malware detection and more. Choose from our two server setup packages.

Remote Server Management

Your servers are the backbone of your IT architecture and our Supporza-qualified technical engineers are always on hand to assist until issues have been resolved. Our team is exceptional at providing server management that doesn’t feel “remote”.

Linux Server Management

Our Linux clients expect the never-fail, optimized power which our server management delivers. We also go the extra mile with our flexible plans, technically qualified engineers, and impressive SLAs designed to support Linux servers.

Windows Server Management

Windows applications must be supported by high-performance servers that are reliably and professionally maintained. Supporza is able to provide everything you need to manage your Windows server – it’s a dynamic combination we design to succeed.

Cloud Server Management

Combining traditional IT Service Management with basic Cloud managing principles, you can leverage the full benefits of the Cloud without the difficulties connected with trying to maintain it. 100% efficient, secure and superbly functional.

AWS Management

Fully managed Amazon Web Management on a customized infrastructure allows your business to gain full support from setup, integration and maintenance. AWS with Supporza means the doors are wide open and the shelves are loaded, providing unlimited choices.

Network Analysis & Consulting

The fun starts once we’ve explored your needs; you’ll have an amazing collective of expertise to present a spread of options you didn’t know you could use. Let the Awakening begin. Rejoice!

Network Monitoring Management & Operations

Once we’ve created an environment that supports any system you select, we then incorporate our optimum ability to monitor and manage 24/7.

Device Configuration & Admin

Go ahead. Splurge. Get all those little knick-knack devices. You’ve been wanting to watch the staff bump up their performance. We can provide umpteen options for plug-ins and configuration for optimum functionality.

Web Design & Development

Design and development of responsive websites for all devices. We encompass the latest in technology and
global trends to deliver high value and top notch quality.

Mobile App Development

We develop apps for any size company, from start-ups to Fortune 500s. We support our clients become household names and industry experts using our innovative technology.

Open Source Development

Complement your business with an innovative,
cost-effective and user-friendly open source application, driven by our reliable and experienced team members.

Online Marketing

Our team of experts provide world-class online marketing services that highlight the features and merits of your organization, products and services.

UI/UX Design

Slick & elegant web designs for your CMS, e-commerce & business websites that generate high traffic and revenues. Our design services cover all platforms including web and mobile.

Staff Augmentation

Choose one of our 3 outsourcing options, where we are able to implement our own dedicated staff to drive innovation & augment your business capabilities.

Servers Managed
Web Projects
Happy Clients


Supporza is an appropriate name and we’ve used the team for a few months. They provide excellent support that we expect our own clients to receive from us. I’d not hesitate to recommend the guys for their support alone, but also for the expert Linux server issues they’ve helped us fix, and the quick amount of time they’ve done it.

Tom Brady

I haven’t been more impressed by a company than this one. Supporza have helped us solve issues in next to no time so far. Their technical engineers have been amazing and found the cause of issues, sometimes in minutes, and quickly after we’ve raised support tickets.

Louis Sanchez

We have been very impressed with Supporza and its SLA’s have worked well for us. It’s consultancy team are always professional, and our requests are never a chore for them. They have been highly responsive and friendly from day one. We’ve also been able to manage our high-level SLA’s, which are technical, demanding, and designed for large multinational clients who we retain because we have support from Supporza.

I recommend them not only for the above, also for the consistency in service and support that we have received from Supporza so far.

Nicole Everet Owner

So far our infrastructure seems to have been able to stand up to increasing traffic loads, something we’d tried before with another company. As a client I’m in regular contact with my assigned team at Supporza as there’s always something needed where we don’t have the time to spend. Usually one call and the team are working on it while my team are working on what they do.

David Jenkins Operations Director

Complete server management was what we searched for and finding Supporza was a breath of fresh air. Our systems are always working well and we’ve been impressed with the level of service we get from the team when we need it. We know our systems are secure and that we’ll be contacted by a team member if there’s an issue or emergency.

James Clifford MD



Complete IT Management Services

Expert management

Excellence in Server and Cloud Management is only one reason to choose us. Our services are outstanding & our clients agree.

Best technologies

We guarantee our clients facilities and equipment that are second to none. Supporza utilizes specialist software, as well as uses tools that help us stay right up there with the industry leaders.

Unmatched services

We are unmatched, both with services we offer, and with the support we give. Leave it to us to provide you with outstanding complete IT management service.

Leading SLAs

With leading SLAs, we retain our customers for all the right reasons. They are tailored to suit your business and its growing needs, yet are flexible enough that you aren’t tied in to strict contracts.


Complete IT Management

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