Device configuration and administration

Expert setup and management

We add impressive security measures, configure devices, and optimize business networks, through corrective analysis, teamed with preventative administration.

Whilst operating and using a network is easy, maintaining it and protecting it can be complex. It takes time to research, learn, and take actions needed to manage a network and keep it secure, which is why many businesses are still leaving their systems prone to attack. If your networks are not operating in a healthy manner, their low performance levels, downtime risk, or being prone to attack means a poorly managed infrastructure that may cost you your reputation. Not to mention, it can cost a fortune to fix errors, and rebuild customer databases.

Supporza is dedicated in ensuring that our client networks, as well as their devices operate at the optimum level, and that they are configured using the best technology available. Through effective configuration, and administration, your network devices, switches, servers, and routers remain secure, and free from error.

Switch, router & firewall management

Routine management and monitoring of business-critical systems often falls behind when organizations fail to realize how much pressure their in-house IT department is under. Business-savvy firms, looking to save on network investments and retain a profitable high-performance network, choose Supporza.

Do you know if your network and devices are susceptible to attack? Can intrusion easily occur because your outside device access is switched off, or do you know how to configure the switches? Perhaps your devices aren’t up to date, or are not running the most recently available software patches?

Our highly skilled engineers are able to manage this for you, and more. We act as a support to your IT department and with smaller businesses we can be your IT support. Our experts are available 24/7/365 for full support, whenever you need us.

Common devices that need to be configured, monitored and updated include email clients, security applications, management applications and plenty more. By ensuring each device is configured in the proper manner, our engineers receive alerts upon which we act accordingly. With devices and applications easily accessible from outside sources, we ensure networks and devices are protected and proactively prevent or repair issues if, and when, they arise.

With affordable SLAs our device configuration and administration services are outstanding. We’ll carry out routine maintenance to network devices and we can add and maintain security measures to prevent breaches.

Exceptional device configuration & administration

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Device Configuration and Administration