Mobile app development

Streamlining your business into the future

Whether you’re a start-up or Fortune 500 company, we are experienced in developing incredible applications for any size company according to your needs and specifications. We not only create mobile apps, but we are also experts in creating and implementing mobile experiences on both Android and iOS platforms.

Our expertise for mobile app development lie in:

  • Custom Android development
  • Mobile games development
  • Enterprise Android apps
  • M-commerce and retail applications
  • Social media applications
  • Widget development
  • Android testing / portability
  • Finance app solutions
  • App support and maintenance
  • Location based apps
  • Healthcare and medical solutions
  • Music, media and entertainment apps
  • Travel and adventure application
  • Productivity and utility app
  • Lifestyle app development and many more

iOS app development

Supporza builds iOS apps with a native approach, leveraging C, Objective C and Swift technologies, to bring out the best for our clients’ multi-platform applications. We deliver successful apps with pixel-perfect designs, robust functionalities, and user experience that is customized for your specific business needs and target audience.

Android app development

When building Android apps from the inception of the Android platform, our team utilizes the best Java developers who build scalable and robust applications with clean code. We deliver numerous apps that look elegant on every Android screen resolution, are feature-rich, and UX designed for latest devices as well as compatible with older OS versions.

Cross-platform app development

We remain current with the ever-evolving online tools and Cross-Platform brings a new approach when building apps for mobile platforms. We embrace hybrid technology and have mastered Titanium, PhoneGap, Xamarin and Ionic platforms. Our team designs and develops visually-appealing apps with distinct abilities on multiple platforms in lesser time and cost.

Choose Supporza for mobile app development. We provide:

Expert strategy & implementation

With capabilities including business analysts, design architects, native iOS & Android developers, cross-platform developers, testing and IT support teams, Supporza provides unmatched mobile application development services to build solutions that solve day-to-day problems.

Unique designs

Our specialists are experienced in designing powerful, effective and strategic apps that are customized to meet your needs. This, along with functional and user-friendly development makes for a formidable offering from Supporza.

Support 24/7/365

Our expert team are available for any issues that may arise during the build of your app, as well as after it is launched.

Impressive SLAs

Our Service Level Agreements are essential to maintaining our business relationship, and they can be customized according to each of our client’s needs.


We offer the latest in design and development trends, while also minimizing costs. You can count on Supporza to build and design your app with industry-level budgeting in mind.

Generate revenue for your business

We create apps that resolve day-to-day problems, increase brand awareness, customer satisfaction and ultimately generate revenue for your business.

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