Staff augmentation

Outsourced staff to complement your business

At Supporza we place great emphasis on achieving objectives, whether our own, or our clients’. Without the right skills for a particular development job, you may find that your business suffers – this can mean more hours spent rectifying the situation, and even revenue loss. Hiring dedicated developers/programmers considerably reduces multiple commitments, compared to the expense of serving full-time in-house staff.

Allow us to take this process off your hands, by implementing our staff outsourcing options that best suits your requirements. We offer three models:

When you outsource skills to Supporza, we provide:

Offshore model

In this model you will have access to a dedicated project manager who will take the lead and make sure every aspect of the project is covered, all the while constantly communicating with you, the client.

Hybrid model

With this model, both the Supporza team and client team work together on aspects of the project such as requirement gathering, analysis, designing and development planning.

System Admin

If you’d prefer your augmented staff to be present at your workplace, this is the model for you. Our developer will be working on-site with you.

Dedicated hours

Our outsourced staff can be contracted for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week This allows for a smooth course of action for your project making it feel like you’ve hired someone in-house.

Timely communication & reporting

An incredibly important part of our process is communication, which can occur via a phone, video call, emails and Instant Messaging. You will be provided regular reporting, daily or weekly, according to your needs.

Reliable skills & technology

Using a universal coding approach combined with state of the art hardware and software we offer professional development support and services for web and mobile technologies.

Hire our dedicated staff to drive innovation & augment your business capabilities.

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