Ultimate server monitoring for apps that power YOUR business

Operating a successful business yields results, both in reputation and revenue. Windows applications must be supported by high-performance servers. If they’re poorly managed, it can have an adverse impact on years of hard work.

Website visitors are demanding, and downtime of any length can lead to disaster. If recovery isn’t possible, then the impact translates to lost business and reduced revenue. In today’s extremely competitive world, it can swipe your competent business right from under your feet in no time.

The success we’ve had with clients is largely based on our world-class team of server engineers who work relentlessly to provide hassle-free server maintenance. Our exceptional SLAs ensure the best for your business by keeping your systems secure, Windows applications running at their optimum level, as well as being prepared for server emergencies.

Dedicated Windows server management services

Errors and weak links in infrastructures, both single server or multiple servers, can leave your entire system vulnerable – not just to attacks, but to glitches when software, hardware, and applications are not constantly scrutinized and maintained.

Supporza has the capability to protect your at-risk business infrastructures 24/7/365, giving you the time to take care of your core competencies. Contact us today for a full range of Windows Server Management offerings.

Our expert Windows engineers will:

  • Migrate servers to Windows using effective strategies
  • Stay up-to-date with leading security measures for servers and apps
  • Optimize servers and maintenance performance
  • Complete backups and risk management
  • Install and configure applications, servers, active directory mail and more
  • Periodically audit, troubleshoot, report and repair servers

Supporza Provides:

Expert Windows engineers

We work hard to ensure the reliability of your Windows OS so that no downtime occurs. We’ll patch and repair as needed, upgrade servers when necessary, and will respond to issues rapidly. Supporza is fully-equipped with the tools, software, and the experience to deliver outstanding services including server configuration, control panel installations, firewall construction, server migration and more.

Windows server management

Our engineers are technically qualified and experienced in the delivery of expert services and will administer your Windows servers to your liking. Our clients benefit from installation and server configuration, server migration, mail and application server setup, virtualization, as well as troubleshooting. Depending on your requirements, we can be your eyes, ears, and expertise when it comes to managing your Windows servers. We offer impressive SLAs enabling full support and can monitor and manage your OS 24/7/365.

Backups & disaster recovery

Breaches in any system can be detrimental for business. We prepare your business for emergencies through effective disaster recovery planning and backups carried out at regular intervals. We also utilize and deploy recovery strategies to rapidly restore data following emergencies. Business continuity is as essential to your business as your infrastructure is to us. Contact us for a quote on our plans.

Reactive & proactive services

Packages under our SLAs vary depending on our clients’ requirements. We offer a comprehensive list of services to businesses already using or wishing to migrate to Windows servers. These services encompass 24/7/365 monitoring and management, basic to high-level security, breach and glitch detection, disaster planning and management, and more. Our Windows engineers work around the clock to take care of your systems. Whether you have just one server, or multiple servers, we will always ensure high performance levels by our expert team of engineers who monitor your infrastructure.

Discover more about our WSM service plans today.

Supporza addresses all issues & optimizes performance on Windows servers.

Select the leaders. When it comes to exceptional services, our highly skilled engineers provide the ultimate Windows server management to businesses across the globe.

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